BikeConnect can provide assistance in implementing bike programs.
  • Site Selection and Installation –– Identify, scope, and prepare station locations within area of deployment.
  • Hardware/Technology Selection –– Report on the technologies available that best meet your needs, and assistance in selection process.
  • Revenue Structure –– Developing a revenue structure to generate profit and ensure the maintenance and operations of your programs. We assist in the development of a pricing structure for users of your programs, along with the incorporation of advertisements and other services.
  • Research and Development –– Development of new technologies and program designs based on your needs and our extensive research and development activities.
  • Training –– Identification of best practices and train both employees and users of the program, assistance in the development of a specialized bike training plan, and training classes.
  • Web Presence –– developing a customized web presence for your programs and services.
  • Pricing Structure –– Assistance in determining how to best charge your users and how to structure your membership subscription programs i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc.
  • Marketing and Promotion –– Development of marketing plan to promote a successful program and growing satisfied user base.
  • Liability Reduction –– Identification of common issues, risks, and concerns associates with deployment of bike share program and assistance in remediating risks and liabilities.
  • Policy and Procedure –– Development of policies and procedures for both staff and users of the system, and the development of a policy for the bike programs that will promote safety and program success.