BikeConnect provides operations support for developing bike programs. We offer the following assistance for bike program operations:
  • Operations & Maintenance Review –– Recommendation on measures to be taken to ensure a successful program.
  • Quality Assurance –– Monitoring of predetermined criteria to generate a report on the quality of bike programs over time with indicators of vendor/customer contract fulfillment.
  • System Monitoring/Operations –– Monitoring program users and operations management.
  • System Intelligence and Analytics –– Real-time software to monitor and maintain bike sharing fleet, secure bike access control, technological enhancements to increase value of the program, security management, and predictive analytics.
  • Security Enhancements –– Technology is introduced into existing and planned bike share and secure bike parking deployments to increase the security of the system.
  • Program Evaluation –– Report on the satisfaction of the users of the system based on user surveys, a service effectiveness study, and a measurement of the needs addressed.
  • Strategic Planning –– Short, mid, and long range planning for operational, tactical, and strategic success of bike programs.
  • Human Resources –– Assistance in developing a human resources plan and hiring qualified staff.