BikeConnect specializes in bicycle program planning. Our experiences range from planning secure bike parking systems, implementing bike programs to bike sharing systems. BikeConnect analyzes the transportation environment from the user perspective and offers real-world bike programs and user growth management strategies. We evaluate bike infrastructure, what motivates change, and perform in-depth analyses of the physical environment to create plans that offer realistic project, policy, and program recommendations. Below outlines some of our planning services.
  • Fact Finding– – Report on critical information for each bike programs and profiled deployments.
  • Impact Analysis – Modeled effects of bike programs on your environment, forecasted results, return on investment, and more.
  • Survey Execution –– Custom tailored survey execution from start to finish based on your deployment environment.
  • Market Analysis –– Report on the suitability of the deployment environment and market, demographic analysis, geographic analysis, and growth considerations.
  • Requirements and Needs Analysis– – Report on optimal program size including number of bike parking systems, bikes for bike sharing, number of stations, station locations, and more.
  • Due Diligence Analysis– – Report indicating the validation of targets, analysis of on-site facilities, review of deployment plans, integration preparation, and intensive study of all factors critical to your organization in the decision making process.
  • Roles and Responsibility Analysis –– Report on both hidden and actual costs associated with the operations and maintenance of a bike programs for both vendor and customer, along with responsibility identification and assignment recommendations.
  • Business and Program Planning –– Development of a full business plan, project plan, or executive summary.