Bike Asset Management
Help riders visualize their trip planning and the community bicycle infrastructure by displaying routes, bike racks, secure parking and more all on a single map.

BikeConnect'’s bike asset management system creates an ecosystem that allows for a seamless user experience. BikeConnect is the most reliable, scalable and comprehensive bike asset management solution in the market. Improve operations, asset utilization and bike usage with a GIS interface that scales to all sizes. Give your bike program the right tools to be successful with GIS across the enterprise, with flexible APIs and GIS interface options.

The Bike Connect System includes:
  • Fast and powerful mapping engine
  • GIS Overlays
  • Asset description with dynamic geocoding
  • API integration
  • Route optimization
  • Backend utility for easily adding new assets and bike routes to the system With dynamic bike routing, BikeConnect eliminates the costly expense of generating bike route maps that become out dated the day they are printed.
Dynamic Bike Maps
Provide users with the ability to create, store and share personalized bike maps for their rides.

With dynamic bike routing, BikeConnect eliminates the costly expense of generating bike route maps that become out dated the day they are printed. GIS technology has become an essential planning and decision making tool for any industry that utilizes geographic data. BikeConnect provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping systems that allow you and the general public to pin point bike assets and infrastructure. Our capabilities extend to any GIS application that requires data collection and conversion, database creation, mapping and custom interface design and development. We have extensive experience working with various datasets, so we can ensure that your web map will display the bike data you want, when you need it.
Our web based mapping solutions are:
  • Focused on functionality and accessibility, putting the data you need right at your fingertips.
  • Tailored to your organizations current and future requirements.
  • Easy to manage without needing the ability to interpret spatial and GIS data.
Best yet, BikeConnect is utilizing Google'’s API. This means no need for you to purchase $100,000 GIS software, data sets, algorithms, mapping engines or RAID servers.

Reservation System
Comprehensive online reservation system, offers accommodation for the ability to accept online reservations and easily manage inventory in real-time.

Subscribers and users are able to reserve bikes, a space and/or locker, complete and confirm a booking online instantly. BikeConnect gets your reservation system up and running quickly.
  • Setup and integration of is taken care of BikeConnect’s personnel
  • Software resides on BikeConnect’'s secure servers for credit card acceptance and data storage
  • Reservation system automatically verifies subscriber and allocates resources.
BikeConnect’'s reservation system includes the following features:
Snapshot of Current Availability Custom Auto Email-Reply to Customer
View Current Reservations Custom Policies and Procedures
Manually Book, Edit or Cancel Reservations Email Notification of Online Reservations
Product Manager Securely Capture Credit Card Numbers
Inventory Manager Custom Receipt Templates for Customers
Rate Manager Custom Auto Email-Reply to Customer
Seasonal Rate Manager Export Reports to Excel
Custom Labeling Business rules can be developed to better manage demand and load balancing

Subscriber Management
Manage subscribers, contacts and touch points.

Manage all attributes of a customer as a first-class entity, and coordinate how your customer interacts with products or services based on the customer's personal information and profile, including products, services and equipment installed.

Subscriber Management functionality allows you to track any type of subscriber data and manage an efficient workflow throughout the subscription lifecycle. Some of the features and benefits of BikeConnect'’s subscriber management solution include:
  • Track all demographic data, company and individual relationships, unlimited subscriptions and subscription types, job functions and infinite linking of subsidiaries.
  • Sophisticated contact management capabilities with follow-up time/location.
  • Unlimited number of addresses/phone numbers, emails and alternate contact methods.
  • Hierarchy for tracking company and subsidiary relationships.
  • Subscription application tracking and workflow routing.
  • Tracking and use of preferred communication methods ensure seamless delivery of information based on individual preferences.
  • Fee processing and renewal.
  • Message management system with the ability to dynamically create and define business rules for subscriber instances.
Access Control
Manage systems and user access to secure bike parking, bike lockers and other facilities all in one simple to use platform.

When it comes to access control security in at your bike facilities, we understand that you need to ensure that no corners are cut. As a serious business entity, you can afford nothing less than the best when it comes to providing security for your subscribers, assets, and business intelligence. That is precisely what BikeConnect access control systems provides.

The creative and unique designs we provide are either or built from the ground-up or may be integrated with existing systems for the highest efficiency possible. Our access control solutions are designed to integrate with your IP network in a seamless and secure way and support real time monitoring (SNMP) so that you will always be able to monitor the security of your business.

Our access control systems technology integrates into the BikeConnect platform seamlessly. The integration is meant to handle minimum to high-security needs. Integration includes:
  • Transmitters for doors and gates
  • Magnetic locks
  • Keypad controls
  • Card readers
  • Closed circuit television
  • Mobile phone entry systems
Program Tracking
Track, measure and report trip and emission reductions in a centralized system.

Commute Tracker provides a way for you to centrally manage commuters and track their trips. We track all forms of transportation - carpool, transit, train, bicycle, walking and telecommuting. Check out your Commute Tracker calendar to report the days you use one of those modes or alternate work arrangements. Commute Tracker also individuals to track cost savings, see mode splits, vehicle miles traveled and emissions reductions.

Our Commute Tracker makes the collection of daily commuter information easy for your users, which means more frequent and more meaningful data to support your program. Our Commute Tracker can be configured with the exact modes you want. By example, you can choose a 5 or 7 day per week layout, or have users report once or twice per day. It'’s flexible to meet your needs.

On the backend, our Commute Tracker allows you to run reports to analyze commute trends, view mode split, and manage incentive and subsidies

Our online impact reports are easy to run and provide a host of commute data and information.
Standard reports include:
  • Trips reduced
  • VMT reduced
  • Gas saved
  • Cost savings
  • Emission reductions
In calculating commuter reports, we use localized, user specific data for our calculations. We use local gas prices (as published by AAA) by zip code on a regular basis and use the EPA's vehicle emissions standards API, which includes vehicle mileage estimates for the make, model, and year of the vehicle each user would normally drive if they were not using some alternative mode of transportation.